A organisation operating in a unique international environment


  • A business-to-business employee rewards service provider.
  • Part of a major FTSE organisation.
  • With a customer base made up of multi national blue chip organisations.
  • Reliant upon their wider Group IT infrastructure and recovery arrangements.


  • Whilst our clients had Business Continuity Plans in place these had not previously been exercised.
  • Pressure was being exerted by key customers requesting assurance over our clients business continuity capabilities.
  • The service provision to customers was highly dependent upon 3rd party providers.


  • We conducted:
    • A detailed business impact analysis (BIA) across all key business process.
    • A scenario exercise for the businesses Incident Management Team that was comprised of their Executive Team and Senior Management , in order to:
      • Train and develop the teams skills in managing major incidents
      • Validate the plan, its content, and its suitability


  • The business gained confidence over its existing Business Continuity Plans and arrangements
  • The business was able to demonstrate to its key customers that its business continuity arrangements could deliver if needed.
  • The Incident Response Team was exercised in a controlled environment, thus enhancing their incident management skills and improving their understanding of the processes and arrangements in place.
  • The business had the opportunity to close gaps identified and in turn develop a fit for purpose Business Continuity Plan.