Business Continuity – Programme Management


  • One of the UK’s largest building material suppliers to both trade and retail customers.
  • Trading through multiple subsidiaries, with in excess of 2000 branches across the UK.
  • Experiencing continual growth both organic and through acquisition.
  • Reliant upon a global supply chain and a widely dispersed distribution infrastructure.


  • Our client had a commitment to the management of their business continuity risks.
  • Over a number of years had improved the level of resilience over critical capabilities.
  • Wished to undertake a review of their existing position in order to develop a 3 year Strategic programme of Business Continuity Management activity in order to maintain and further their current position.


  • We carried out a full review of the business, its critical assets, and its existing business continuity management arrangements
  • The scope of the review covered: Programme Management; Central Offices; Warehouses; Production Facilities; Customer Service Centres; and Corporate Recovery Arrangements.
  • On the strength of our findings Continuous Solutions Ltd produced a detailed 3 year programme of activity aligned to High Medium, and Low budget options


  • Our Client has visibility over their existing BCM programme position and the opportunity to benchmark this against best practice.
  • Operating within a challenging budget conscious environment, our client has the opportunity to manage its BCM risk mitigation programme to a level considered appropriate whilst maintaining progress and a suitable level of governance.