Call Centre – Response Planning


  • Our client is a major UK Call Centre Operator and Home Delivery Retailer.
  • It operates with over 2000 contact centre staff across a number of locations.
  • It delivers over £30m worth of sales a week.
  • It handles in excess of 60,000 calls per week


  • The client call centres are operated independently of each other by differing business streams.
  • An incident at any one or other of their sites would affect staff and customers of multiple business streams.
  • The management of such an incident would be handled by each business stream in isolation.
  • The approach was considered inefficient and detrimental to the brand management of the business.


  • We developed a combined Emergency Response and Incident Management Plan for each location.
  • They incorporated Incident Management Teams with key representatives from each business stream.
  • They provided a critical path of actions to deliver, if faced with a major site related incident situation, in order to protect: people; communications; property; business processes; and reputation.
  • We then trained and exercised those responsible for managing a major incident situation


  • The business gained confidence in its ability to manage a major incident at one of its call centre locations.
  • The teams responsible developed skills and confidence in their own ability, if faced with having to manage a major incident.
  • A co-ordinated approach across business streams was implemented that better protected the wider brand.
  • An ongoing management process was introduced to ensure regular updating and testing of arrangements.