European Head Office – Response and Recovery


  • A leading and rapidly expanding clothing retailer with significant growth in the sector.
  • Operating from two Head Offices located within the EU, each with in excess of 400 employees
  • The retail and supply chain areas of the business being heavily reliant upon these central support function


  • Our clients did not have any business continuity plans in place.
  • The loss of either of these offices would very quickly have a profound on the wider operations of their business.
  • Pressure was being imposed from the parent company for the rapid implementation of a credible solution that demonstrated best practice in its delivery. 


  • Within three months, we delivered an end to end business continuity planning project resulting in the implementation of:
    • A Business Continuity Policy and Framework
    • Incident Response and Crisis Management Plans for each location.
    • Corporate Work Area Recovery Plans
    • Departmental Business Process Recovery Plans, across all departments.


  • Awareness of the need for fit for purpose business continuity arrangements was increased across all areas
  • From the constraints identified in the process, an intensive process improvement programme was implemented in order to ensure that work area recovery could be deployed efficiently within the timeframes required by the business.
  • A training and exercising programme was subsequently rolled out in order to prepare those responsible for responding to and managing major incidents.
  • A similar project was subsequently initiated across their supply chain network.