Head Office – Operational Recovery Reassurance


  • A organisation operating in a unique international environment.
  • Providing a critical service to a strategic customer.
  • With their Head Office based in the UK.


  • Our client had developed a business recovery capability for their Head Office.
  • They needed assurance that it was fit for purpose and that it could be relied upon, if and when it needed to be deployed.
  • They required an appropriate exercise that would challenge this capability and in doing so, provide the confidence needed over their incident response, office and IT disaster recovery arrangements.


  • We developed a scenario exercise that involved a major incident at their Head Office that denied access for several weeks and severely impacted their data centres.
  • The exercise was designed to be run on a real time basis, over the course of 2 days.
  • It involved
    • The mobilisation of the Incident Management Team (in the early hours of the morning, and without prior notification).
    • The enactment by the Incident Management Team of their response roles.
    • The activation and deployment of their IT and office recovery arrangements, in real time.


  • Assurance was provided to the business that its response and recovery arrangements were fit for purpose.
  • The Incident Response Team was exercised in a controlled but demanding environment, thus enhancing their incident management skills and improving their understanding of the processes and arrangements in place.
  • A number of gaps were identified in both the response procedures and recovery infrastructure against which, mitigating actions were agreed and subsequently implemented.
  • Key staff were provided with an opportunity to work from the recovery site and test systems availability