International Operations – Risk Assessment and Impact Analysis


  • A high profile UK and International high street retailer.
  • Dependent upon key International assets for in excess of £1bn of merchandise sourcing. Expecting significant growth in its International sourcing programme over the following five years.


  • Our client managed this sourcing activity from a number of offices and warehousing facilities across Europe, Asia, and the Far East.
  • The risk and associated impact on the business of loosing any one of these facilities had not been fully quantified.
  • The businesses dependency on these facilities was to increase significantly over the following five years.


  • A site business continuity control risk assessment, and impact and dependency analysis was carried out across each of their International site.
  • We provided our client with clarity over its management of these risks, that threatened the continued activity from these facilities its International operations.
  • We identified and prioritised a number of key actions and opportunities to enhance the control and governance of these risks and, to help protect our clients key assets.


  • Our Client has visibility over the management of its International operations business continuity related risks.
  • A minimum level of control design could be agreed and deployed across its International assets.
  • Our Client had the assurance it needed over the effectiveness of their business continuity management control practices, across their International Sourcing activity.
  • Our Client has the opportunity to enhance the governance processes within its International programme.