Supply Chain – Business Recovery


  • A leading DIY and Trade retailer.
  • Operating from stores located in most towns and cities across the UK.
  • Maintaining a strong brand and growing customer base.
  • Driving continual growth in the delivery of ‘to order’ high-ticket product ranges.


  • As market opportunities evolved, our client developed a highly competitive offer.
  • This offer was underpinned by a cost efficient supply chain infrastructure.
  • Global product sourcing resulted in long lead times and restricted the speedy availability of unplanned product supply, from manufactures.
  • Exploiting efficiencies as the market evolved, resulted in an acceptance to some risk.
  • As the market matured and the turnover increased, the tolerance to risk reduced.


  • We reviewed the supply chain infrastructure that supported the product offer and assessed its exposure to risk.
  • We facilitated workshops for key Senior Management representatives from across the business, in order to evaluate the scale of impact on the business and its customers should this critical supply chain infrastructure fail and to identify control improvements.
  • We supported them in developing fit for purpose tactical / operational recovery plans and capabilities, in order to minimise any impact in the fulfilment of customer orders.


  • Our Client had visibility of the residual risk that remained to the business.
  • Our Client had greater confidence in their ability to manage a major incident in this part of their supply chain.
  • Our Client understood the likely impact on customers and the action that would be necessary in order to mitigate this and protect their brand image.
  • The benefits that our Client gained from adopting this approach to business continuity management in their supply chain, were recognised through a request for similar work across their wider supply chain activities.