Recovery Planning


Events that, despite best efforts, penetrate the control structures of an organisation can have significant if not catastrophic consequences for the organisation affected. It is for this reason that thought must be given to how an organisation will recovery its business critical activities following a major unplanned event occurring.

To have a pre-determined business recovery plan for events that directly effect operations such as: Head Office; Distribution and Logistics; Call Centres; Information Technology; Communication Networks; Manufacturing and Production; and Product Supply Chain can prove invaluable to the organisation in times of need and, can be the difference between survival and failure of your organisation. Surveys indicate that 80% of all organisations that experience disruptive incidents, and who do not have a plan, cease trading within eighteen months.

Your customers will rarely wait for you to re-establish their supply, instead they will look elsewhere and, a lost customer is so much harder to get back than they were to lose in the first instance!

An effective recovery plan should help ensure that you can continue to support your customers and avoid them taking their business to your competitors.


Continuous Solutions have extensive expertise in supporting our clients in overcoming these recovery challenges through: the implementation of recovery arrangements; the development of recovery plans; and, the deployment of real capabilities in order for them to maintain their critical business activities and support to their customers.

Continuous Solutions services include:

  • Business Recovery Design and Implementation
  • Business Process Recovery Planning
  • Business Recovery Awareness Training

Continuous Solutions bring a wealth of knowledge and simplicity to situations or problems that require solutions. They engage with all levels of stakeholders to get to the ‘truth’ and to answers you need.

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