Protecting your organisation from unplanned unwanted events is widely considered as the preferred strategy for most organisations.  An organisations resilience will continue to build and improve as it evolves and matures.

Developing business and operational strategies that have resilience embedded within them, avoiding single points of failure, and ensuring flexibility of operations will always be challenged by cost.  Ultimately, it is more cost effective to embed resilience at design stages, than it is to bolt it on at a later stage. Resilience should be consider as a long term objective and not a short term constraint.


Continuous Solutions work with clients and advise on the most cost effective resilience measure to deploy.

Continuous Solutions services include:

  • Business Continuity Policy and Programme Development
  • Business Continuity Strategy Design
  • Business Resilience Planning

We have worked with Continuous Solutions for a number of years across our supply chain and manufacturing facilities, we have found the team to be a game changer in our approach to business continuity.

Director of Group Business Risk & Assurance

Travis Perkins plc