Response Planning


With natural limitation on resourcing, most organsations resilience will rarely be entirely watertight.  It can be argued that to achieve this level of resilience would restrict the efficiency in delivering the organisations primary objectives. We live in a complex inter-connected world facing new challenges, increasing threats, and uncertainties.

With this in mind, and with recognition to the uncertainties surrounding external events form occurring that are beyond the control of your organisation, you must be in a position to respond effectively to these events if they have the potential to affect the welfare of personnel, disrupt operations, or impact customers and investors.


In order to ensure that our clients are suitably position to respond to these events, Continuous Solutions have developed a range of response plans that are designed to facilitate the management of such events at operational, tactical, and strategic levels of the organisation.

Continuous Solutions services include:

  • Emergency Response and Incident Management Planning
  • Crisis Management Planning
  • Business Continuity Planning

Continuous Solutions played an invaluable pivotal role in steering our senior management team through the development of our first Business Continuity and Emergency Response Plan. Their style and approach made a difficult subject both interesting and enjoyable.

Managing Director

SCA Timber UK