Risk Assessment


Adoption of the basic principles of Business Continuity Management (BCM) in any organisation irrespective of its size or nature, is recognition that the dicipline is a fundamental component of the organisation Risk Management strategy and, that its deployment will help contribute to the organisations overall protection and long term sustainability.

It follows then, that to be effective in its deployment, before we embark upon the implementation of a BCM programme, we should understand: the threats that that may disrupt our business activities; the degree to which they could impact the principle activities of the organisation and its service to its customers; and, the likelihood of them becoming a reality.

Often, so much of what organisations do as normal practice is overlooked as a contributor to building an environment that protects against business continuity related risks.  Activities such as financial authorities, buildings security, procurement policies, health and safety, project management, and facilities management all play an effective role in building an organisations control structures and consequently help to prevent unplanned and unwanted disruption.  The challenge to any organisation is in understanding the overall value that these controls offer to the organisation in protecting its continued operations.


To identify and assess the business continuity related risk that any organisation faces will provide the opportunity to design controls that are effective in helping to mitigate these risks.

Continuous Solutions have developed an effective model for: assessing your business continuity related risks; evaluating the impact that an unplanned event could have on your organisation: measuring the effectiveness of your organisations control environment; and, identifying improvement opportunities in order to enhance the fundamental controls that underpin the mitigation of these risks.

Continuous Solutions services include:

  • Business Continuity Site Risk Analysis and Control Assessments
  • Site Security Assessments
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Dependency Analysis

Continuous Solutions successfully delivered several Business Impact Analysis for me across our International business. As a supplier, Continuous Solutions are a pleasure to work with and, have a wealth of experience in the Retail Industry.

Head of Business Continuity

Marks & Spencer Plc